A startup that enables you to give your personal data in exchange for money

In the new era of Big Data, interest in gathering personal data has increased greatly. Every company need to know its customers needs. It is considered that total amount of data collected in 2000, is now collected in a single day.

The Opiria startup claims that personal data global trading has reached 250 billion USD/year. Besides, there are 57 million B2C companies that need its customers personal data. Today these data is stolen from consumers without their awareness and sold for great amount of money. So the Opiria team created a marketplace to let users sell their personal data directly to companies. In this exchange users will receive PDATA tokens.

PDATA to make you count

Furthermore, the Opiria team has already launched applications which are available on iOS and Android. The platform works on Ethereum-compliant token called PDATA. The company announces they have already 4000 users. The startup claims that it is actively functioning in United Kingdom and Asian countries.

By developing a blockchain-based marketplace for data, users can place their personal information for sale to others. From social media use, shopping preferences, health conditions and with many other data the platform can be used to collect information and sell to best buyer.

For supplying personal information users get the PDATA tokens that are transferred into their account on the platform. When it will be reached a particular amount of tokens, users will be able exchange it with fiat currency.

Opiria uses the Ethereum Blockchain for the protected and transparent trading of personal information. Also, it is fully compliant with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Most of all companies are encouraged in buying in this market because it’s easy, convenient and legitim way to acquire its customers data. Since data are logged in transparent and verifiable smart contracts, companies have rights to use their purchased information.

What’s next

The company is not going to stand still. The next step is Opiria 2.0 release. Also, they intend integrate emotion recognition. Companies will understand what users feel and how their refer to advertisements, websites and videos.

The aim of the platform is creating transparent and legal marketplace where companies can purchase personal data without intermediaries.

Amanda Brown

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