Armenians suggesting to fight corruption with Blockchain technologies.

In the course of political uprise  in Armenia, Chairman of the Armenian Blockchain Association Vigen Arushanyan have sent an open letter to Nikol Pashinyan the opposition leader. stating In the letter to  hold elections through Blockchain technology published by

He wrote:

“In order to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency in this process it is necessary to use all the capabilities of  the newest technologies, especially blockchain. Blockchain is a trusted database of decentralized distributions among multiple participants that is transparent for everyone and can not be modified. This means that the information contained in the registry does not have any ownership and even the data logger does not have the option to change the record. It is noteworthy that the founder of the system also has no technical capability to interfere with the system’s work and integrity.”

Also he added:

“With this step, Armenia will acquire a qualitatively different level of credibility in the eyes of its people and foreign partners. This will have a fundamental impact on defrauding the  election process ,and bringing transparency to the country. I am ready to assist in the introduction of such a system.”

If the country’s authorities accept the offer, it will be the second country in the world to use blockchain platform for voting process.

Thomas Reynolds

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