Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

Wed, May 16, 2018

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM AEST


Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

Since it came about in 2009, cryptocurrency has become a medium of exchange in the digital sphere that uses cryptography in transactions. Bitcoin, litecoin, namecoin, and other types of decentralized cryptocurrency has been making waves online. Since it is being used for business, it is likely that this new technology will become a common usage in the future. And while it is making inroads in the global economy, it has been muddling the minds of many people, especially those who cannot fully grasp its concept and process.

To better prepare yourself and your business to this digital revolution and avoid running the risk of becoming a victim of fraud or scam, orient yourself on cryptocurrency and how it works. There are several write-ups about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but the jargons can often leave you with more questions than answers. What better way to know more about this than to listen to what the experts will say so you can immediately throw in your queries and acquire a better understanding of what this whole technology is all about.

Amanda Brown

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