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Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers 2022

You don’t need to spend the most of your time to manage all your cryptocurrencies in various wallets and exchanges. Connecting all in one crypto portfolio will make it simple to see prices of coins you have in real-time with the various charts and tools. That’s all it takes to increase the best practice in the crypto industry. 

Here are the best crypto portfolio trackers you can start using right now to track all your assets to save time and make reasonable decisions about crypto investment. 

CoinStats Crypto Portfolio

CoinStats is a user-friendly and full of different permissions portfolio tracker which provides support for over 8,000 cryptocurrencies, 26 exchanges and 34 wallets.

The amount of connected exchanges and wallets depends on the pricing plan you use. 

To clarify, with CoinStats PRO plan you’ll be able to connect 10 exchanges and wallets and with PREMIUM plan you’ll be able to connect unlimited amounts of exchanges and wallets. 


  • Available on – iOS, Android, web, Mac desktop, iWatch, widgets, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad App, Google Chrome extension.
  • Provides crypto news feed with the latest news updates. 
  • Allows trading of crypto from one platform
  • CoinStats Wallet only for mobile users
  • Allows API connection and adding of wallets from Ledger, Metamask, Binance, Ethereum, Binance, Trust, and other 30 sources.
  • Alerts: Price Notifications, Market Updates, Portfolio Value Notification

Delta Crypto Portfolio

The beautifully designed Delta app offers to take control of your cryptocurrency portfolio and keep track of all crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 7,000 altcoins. Similarly, it helps users to get the most accurate information about various portfolios and track the performance with many charts. Above all, one of the key features of Delta is its ability to create notifications to app users of upcoming token and ICO launches.

The app provides free and paid versions of using. Android Early Back version costs $70 to $80 and for iOS $60 to $70 annually.

Note: Delta is available on all platforms but you’ll have to download the mobile app first and if you want to see your Delta portfolio on Desktop you’ll need to download the Delta desktop extension.


  • Track crypto assets, stocks, and currencies all in one app
  • Supports more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Delta users are able to track all of their holdings in the stock, currency, futures, ETF, mutual fund, and other markets as well
  • ICO support services

Blockfolio Crypto Portfolio

Blockfolio is well-known and one of the most popular crypto portfolio tracking app. Launched in 2014 this app now supports more than 10,000 crypto assets and can sync with more than 500 exchanges. 

Likewise, It has various features such as called Signal which combines news and other helpful data on your favorite projects and integration of pricing updates. Here are some main points why Blockfoli is used for.  


  • Free to use
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies and 500 exchanges
  • Buy and sell crypto directly within the app with no fees

CoinTrack Crypto Portfolio

If you are a crypto professional or even an amateur, then let us introduce you to CoinTrack Portfolio Tracker. In short, it’s a user-friendly and in the meantime safe and secure tracker which allows you to track your assets all in one place. 

So, all you need is to add a portfolio in CoinTrack and start tracking all your crypto and Defi assets with different powerful tools, including charts and heatmaps. 

CoinTrack provides various pricing plans like monthly or yearly to choose one right for each user. The best and recommended plan is CoinTrack Pro ($19.99) with unlimited exchange connections, unlimited wallet connections, up to 5000 transactions, portfolio updates, personal account manager, 5 alert combinations. 


  • Crypto price alerts
  • 24h cryptocurrency market report
  • Customized charts, graphs and data tools
  • AI powered innovative platform

Altrady Crypto Portfolio

Altrady is a cryptocurrency platform which can be integrated with multiple crypto exchanges and thereby its crypto portfolio manager will let users examine all their digital assets across different exchanges.

This portfolio tracker is best for advanced traders – diversified crypto traders and holders.

The Basic plan of this tracker is $14.83 monthly, and Advanced –  $34.29 monthly. 


  • Possibility to integrate trading bots like ApexTrader, Nefertiti, Zignaly, and CryptoPHP
  • Real-time alerts and break-even calculator
  • 10 supported exchanges
  • Notes and aggregated news
  • Available on Web, Android, iOS, Mac App, Windows, Linux

In conclusion, we want to add that this list can be continued depending on special needs each crypto enthusiast has.  We’ve tried to insight the main features of these tools which are help to track crypto portfolios easily and increase your crypto investment. Therefore, take a deeper look at them and choose the most suitable and right platform for you.

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