What to expect from 2018?

2017 was, apparently, a breakthrough year for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as the growing price of bitcoins led to the emergence of new investors in space.
Now everyone is wondering what’s next. Will 2018 be an even more explosive year than 2017 when it comes to crypto currency? Maybe.
But some things are more reliable rates than others.

Since the Bitcoin market share in the crypto currency economy fell below 33 percent for the first time, 2018 looks as if it will be the “Year of Altcoins“.

With that said, he looks more and more like Ethereum, which will be the best “altcoin” in this new year. We have already seen how in the first days of 2018 the price increase for the elite in relation to the ETH / BTC coefficient, and this can be nominal for the course for the future.

On the horizon, of course, there are a number of potential positive effects. Internal technology is gradually gaining momentum, and more and more development time allows solving some scalability problems. While institutional investments can see significant growth, if we compare the market demand for safety and security while maintaining a significant value. Live applications on the Ethereum network, while better on ramps and precedents for other crypto conversions, are for sure scheduled for 2018.

Regulation could play a big role in suppressing any price action, however, if a major player such as China had to remove any negative rules regarding crypto-conversions, then their prices could boom. Given the historical volatility of these crypto conversions, it would seem that the only thing that is certain is that 2018 will ride a roller coaster.

Schebesta predicts that bitcoin will be $ 50,000 by the end of the year, and Ethereum $ 5,000.

Futures on crypto-currencies

In terms of legitimacy, CME and CBOE futures should have seen a significant increase in liquidity and an open interest in actually becoming a legitimate part of the cryptographic pie, but now the listing is cited, all that can be required is time.

Price crypto conversions

In the future, we will need a more efficient way of measuring cryptocurrencies and their methods of pricing. Factors such as market capitalization, price-earnings ratio (PE) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) are dated and should be left in stock markets. We do not value gold or oil by market capitalization, so why do we apply the same to crypto or crypto goods? The growth of the tax hash (growth in processing power), the growth of addresses, transaction fees, blocking and blocked rewards can now seem alien, but in the future they can be used as the cornerstone of the analyst’s report on cryptocurrencies? As in all cases, it will take time, but until 2018 it may be the year when we will see that this type of asset is really changing.

Marvin Williams

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