Litecoin user paid a huge commission

Litecoin user accidentally paid a commission of $20,000

One of the users on the Litecoin network seems to have made a serious mistake. For his transaction 8.88 LTC, the sender paid a grand commission of 200.00360600 LTC (around $ 20,000 at the time of writing).

As a result, the size of the commission exceeded the size of the transaction itself by 22 times. And this case can be described only as a fatal error.

For the first time, the Litecoin user address appeared on April 5, and since then it has made over 2500 transactions totaling $ 211 million. Probably, this account may belong to some cryptocurrency business.

The transaction was added to the block mined by the Chinese mining pool LTC.TOP. Perhaps the sender will be able to return his commissions. There are examples when this was done.

Earlier, a similar case was recorded in the Ethereum network. For several operations, the user paid fabulous commissions. So, to send 0.15 ETH, he paid $ 454,500. This story became so resonant that later the miners from the Sparkpool pool, who added the mentioned transactions to the blockchain, returned half the amount to the hapless user.

Thomas Reynolds

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